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6 Ways Marriage Life Changes After the Arrival of a Baby
August 5, 2019

6 Ways Marriage Life Changes After the Arrival of a Baby

  • There is no such thing as downtime. 

The time you would typically give to yourself and your husband is now gone. Now, plenty of hours go to prepping baby necessities, and cleaning up. Your daily routine will be composed of baby care, almost nothing else. 

  • You develop a new kind of bond with your husband.

Marriage is composed of bad and good things. Bad because both of you are stressed and self deprived. However, your children would make you feel happy. The ups and downs are part of your journey as husband and wife. How to make it easier? Consider good parenting as a boot camp. 

  • Changes are unspeakable and unavoidable.

Marriage and parenthood are full of challenges. If before, you spend many hours shopping for designer goods, now all you would ever want to do is shop for baby diapers and baby shoes in Malaysia. Once you have your little one, you would realize that your entire life now revolves around that loving, helpless creature who needs you. 

  • You will hate your husband once in a while.

While breastfeeding, many women feel a bit crazy and hormonal. During these situations, your partner will have a difficult time because he doesn’t know in what way he can help. Learn how to manage these mood swings. These are normal, being the result of sleep deprivation and hormonal changes. 

  • Sex is now a distant memory.

Sex is no longer a priority for you, now that you have your kid. After giving birth, there is the need to wait for 6 weeks before making love again. It would take a bit of time before everything goes back to normal. Dealing with stress, mood swings and exhaustion is not easy. The best thing you can do is communicate well with your husband. Be open about your feelings. 

  • You love our baby more than your husband.

At some point, you will feel distant from your husband. This can hurt his feelings, so it’s best to remind yourself that things may be different now because of the baby, but at the end of the day, you are still married. Utilize your shared love for the little one to grow closer.