6 Web Design Trends That Will Change the Way You Interact Online This Year

6 Web Design Trends That Will Change the Way You Interact Online This Year
October 5, 2018 Web Design

It is really hard to predict the new web design trends that are going to be popular this year or the next. However, new elements are being introduced and we can just predict how things will turn out. Here are some web design trends that will surely change the way you interact online:

1. Scrolling Animations to Help Improve Storytelling

When we create online content, we want to tell a story that would entice people to go to your website. However, that is not the only medium that you can use to do such a thing.

Nowadays, website designers can implement scrolling animations to help improve their storytelling and not make it one-dimensional (as in the case of just writing texts).

What these scrolling animations do is that whenever a user scrolls down the page, they will find out more about the message you’re trying to convey – all in a creative manner.

2. Web Page Animations

To add to the previous design trend, web page animations are a welcome addition to any website. Whenever a user interacts with your page – may it be by clicking on an icon or tapping on the interface, web page animations provide a more interactive and dynamic approach. And, people are actually loving these animations.

But, please note that when you implement animations, make sure that you optimize them so that they will load as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait a long time for these animations, so be sure to use them in a way that will not take too much time to execute.

3. Add Another Viewing Dimension with Broken Grids

The symmetrical design has been the standard for many years, but there is a need to change that. If you browse certain websites these days, you might notice that they’re using an asymmetrical layout by utilizing broken grids.

For instance, you might see different boxes (or grids) that are of different sizes and they’re put together nicely to tell a story. Adding such elements on your web page will increase its appeal.

4. Page Transitions Are a Thing

Back in the day, we usually just click on a link and it will present us with a blank page until the site loads up.

That is not the case today. Page transitions have slowly been increasing in popularity because while a certain content on your site loads up, those transitions can change the way your people wait for the next page.

5. Provide Better Services by Using Machine Learning

Machine learning has been a design trend for quite some time now and it is essentially where a mechanism “learns” about a customer’s preference and they can suggest things based on those parameters.

Streaming services have been known to use such a feature, but more and more designers are slowly starting to implement them on business websites as well.

6. Web VR is a Reality

With the rise of more virtual reality hardware, it is not a farfetched idea for Web VR to dominate the stage in a few years’ time.

We might see more interactive elements on websites making it more immersive for your customers. And, the more immersive it is, the better your sales are going to be.


As web design develops, there are now more exciting ways to interact online. Things like Machine learning, scrolling animations, and even Web VR are going to shake things up a little bit when it comes to online interaction.