7 SEO Copywriting Tips

7 SEO Copywriting Tips
October 1, 2018 SEO

The SEO copywriting process involves optimizing website pages to generate more traffic. Optimization is very important, as SEO copywriting has progressed to a more client-focused approach.

Do you think you already have brilliant SEO copywriting skills? As a blogger and business person, you need to grab the attention not just of your target audience, but also your existing and prospective customers. You need to convince them to stay with you.

So, how do you optimize your website content? Here are rules that can guide you throughout your SEO copywriting process.

What exactly is Copywriting?

Copywriting is creating written content for a marketing purpose.

A copywriter writes “copies” to be able to sell a product or service.


What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a specific strategy utilized to improve the search engine visibility of a blog or website. It helps direct relevant traffic to a particular website. Thus, it will help you to be positioned in the top search engine marketing companies.

Here are some SEO copywriting tips!

  • Write captivating headlines.

Your headlines should be eye-catching. Make it appear like you all know the answers (but make sure your content can really deliver!). You should have the answers to your readers’ questions. If possible, put your most important keywords in the headlines.

  • Always be updated and informed.

Do research before writing about any topic. You wouldn’t want to give false information—this can question your website’s authenticity. Keep in mind that you will be writing for well-informed and smart people. Always anticipate their needs to be able to provide relevant solutions.

  • Always be concise.

Be concise with your website content. Always remember that you are trying to pass specific messages. Don’t leave any room for alternative meanings. You wouldn’t want your readers to misinterpret your statements.

  • Divide your content into sections.

Break up your posts into particular sections. We all know that reading huge blocks of texts without divisions are extremely boring. Make sure that your paragraphs are short, sweet and connected! Why not use bullet points, headings and subheadings? These will make your blog posts easier to read.

  • Always express eagerness and enthusiasm in your writings.

Reach out to people like you. Choose your words and make sure that you always sound “excited.” Excitement can be really contagious, right? You are not doing marketing face to face, so you should make the most out of your written and visual content.

  • Never forget about internal and external links.

External links can boost the credibility of your website, most especially if they will come from trusted platforms. Internal links, on the other hand, can also promote your blog. They can impact the crawling of your website in a positive way.

  • Never forget about your keywords.

Never forget about the importance of keywords. Search engines utilize keywords to rank your website. Also, readers use specific keywords to help them with their searches. These keywords can be found on online forums, social media platforms and other blogs.

  • Use a call-to-action statements.

Call-to-action statements direct your readers to specific actions. Make sure that you have call-to-action notes in your blog post. Don’t forget to place it strategically!

SEO copywriting is all about pleasing your target audience, and implementing a good SEO strategy. At the end of the day, the readers should reign supreme. Do you think the aforementioned tips can be of great help to you? Execute them now, and track your progress and improvements!