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Web Hosting
March 3, 2020
What Type of Web Hosting is the One For You?

The best web host can make you happy with a life that is available to answer your calls anytime. Having a web host while compromising safety and quality make you feel tricked, misled, or extorted. There are times that wrong hosts are usually selected which leads to headaches[…]

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December 30, 2019
Web Hosting Consumer Guide: 5 Tips You Should Know

1. The “Free Domain” Gimmick. A free area surely sounds pleasant, anyway here are a few things you may need to observe before consenting to the free spaces gave: 1. Who possesses the area? The area is free, yet the hosting organization holds the possession. Am I not[…]

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July 29, 2019
How to Prepare Your Online Business When Engaging to the Cloud

Review and map out business processes. It’s important for the business management team to form an analytical team that can validate which processes will affect cloud transition. Since people have been utilizing local storage devices, and then moving to cloud computing, the deployment should be planned thoroughly. Check[…]

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