Here Are Artist Approved Platforms To Help You Create Your Dream website

Here Are Artist Approved Platforms To Help You Create Your Dream website
March 6, 2019 Web Design


Artist-Approved Platforms for Building Your Website


  1. CollectiveAccess


CollectiveAccess is an open source cataloging tool that artists, museums and galleries can use for free. They can use this platform to archive their collections, and make all of them accessible digitally.


  1. Format


Do you know that you can sell your works through a portfolio in Format? Just like Squarespace, Format has visually appealing templates for those people who don’t know how to code. If you are an artist running a small web design company, this is the platform for you.


  1. Dropbox and Small Victories


Dropbox is not only used to store files. You can also use it to start a website. Are you familiar with Small Victories? It’s a no fuss, clever website builder that can turn your Dropbox documents into a website, free of charge. No need for coding, server and content management system. Amazing, right?


  1. Portfolio and Adobe Creative Cloud


Portfolio is Adobe’s portfolio website. Just like other Adobe products, it’s primary advantage is to integrate lots of creative tools to the Adobe universe. It allows artists to import their Behance projects, use Typekit fonts and upload Lightroom galleries.


  1. Cargo


It’s important for artists to collaborate with other creatives in order to enhance their skills. Make sure to connect effectively with a reputable digital design community. Cargo is a reliable portfolio builder that you can use for your art projects. It encourages creative professionals to interact with a creative digital community, and create freestanding, customizable websites.



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