The Top 5 SEO Software Suites for Agencies

The Top 5 SEO Software Suites for Agencies
November 15, 2018 SEO

The SEO field continues to evolve in the digital ecosystem. More and more devices and interfaces are showing up here and there, helping businesses address website issues, and achieve their goals.

If you think your agency needs a reliable SEO software suite from seo packages in Malaysia, then read on. You might want to make new software investments to help your clients grow in the online world.

What is a search engine optimization suite?

  1. Keyword research opportunities
  2. Backlink analysis
  3. Integration analysis
  4. Website crawl functionality
  5. Competitor analysis and tracking
  6. Page recommendations and reporting
  7. Track keyword ranking
  8. Universal search analysis
  9. Tracking social media metrics

This is a wide range of capabilities, but professional digital marketers require all of these in a SEO software suite.


Botify can manage several user-friendly dashboards that connects SEO fixes to many business matters. It is a full-service search engine optimization software that monitors social media metrics recommendations.

Do you want a reliable content marketing software to accompany your Botify license, then you may want to use this in all of your SEO campaigns.


BrightEdge is a dependable rank tracking software. It automatically updates every week, and comes up with detailed automated reports suitable for the needs of each brand. Moreover, it is useful for digital marketers who want to accurately monitor brand performances on various territories and devices.

Do you own a large website? Then, one of the points that you must consider about this is the cost. As you know, this software’s packages depends on the amount of tracked keywords.


Conductor was initially developed as a rank monitoring platform. Now, it has evolved into an enterprise-level software. Its dashboards are create to help professionals organize workloads, and focus on several areas that can drive performance.

This platform is also useful for SEO campaigns. It doesn’t really excel in comprehensive technical SEO analyses, but it can highlight all the weak points, helping you overcome daily digital challenges.

4.Moz Pro

This is one of the most used, and most popular SEO software suite. Signing up for Moz Pro gives you access to a rank tracking tool, backlink checker, on-page analyzer and other helpful features. This is perfect for SERP analysis and keyword research! It suits the fresh landscape of search volumes and content production.


Searchmetrics is an efficient platform for SEO. It is perfect for data-driven digital marketers who are always aiming for the bigger picture, and wants to analyze comprehensive details.

Do you always want to know the status of your SEO campaigns? Then, Searchmetrics can provide you with a wide range of SEO solutions. It is full of various proprietary metrics, and is very beneficial for SEO performance assessments and competitive analyses.