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Web Design 101: How to Use White Spaces
February 21, 2019

Web Design 101: How to Use White Spaces

White spaces are very important components in web design. At this day and age, various information are being passed on. Don’t just cram every detail in a web page or a poster. Use white spaces properly.

What is a white space?

White spaces are negative spaces left in a composition. It has no images or text, and doesn’t need to be white. When used well, this can make your web design even stronger and professional looking. White space is a strong tool when you know how to use it, especially in mobile web design.

Improve Comprehension and Legibility

Give your website’s elements spacious room to breathe in. This will make your design easier for users to comprehend. Break paragraphs. Put space in between all the lines.

More Attention and Focus

The more white spaces you use, the easier it would be to read crucial information. Remember that when looking at tons of page information, a person can get really overwhelmed. With a clean sheet, the white space can direct your users’ eyes to the page’s main subject. This way, your content would be easier to consume.

Branding Tone

White spaces can make your brand appear easily identifiable. It can deliver different feels, much like how your business’ typography, colors and photos treatment can impact viewer perception.

Bottom line is, using white spaces can improve your overall web design. It offers a reprieve amidst everything, with benefits such as readability and comprehension.