Web Development Using Linux

Web Development Using Linux
February 12, 2019 Web Development

Web Development Using Linux- My Experience

There are 3 major operating systems on the computer today. These are the ever-popular Microsoft Windows, the Apple’s Mac OS, and then Linux.

Windows provide probably the best features when it comes to using the desktop. It is simple to use and a lot of people are actually using this more than the other options.

However, when it comes to web development, the Mac OS and Linux are just way better than Microsoft.

Mac OS, for the most part, offers a streamlined service. However, if you’re really serious about web development, then I highly recommend Linux simply because it is much faster and with the number of iterations, you will find a lot of web development tools at your disposal.

Why I Use Linux

1. Allows You to Install Web Development Applications Quickly and Easily

Web Development Using Linux

The very first reason why I use Linux more for web development is that using and installing applications is pretty easy. All you have to do is use a simple “apt install” command and you can then install the apps that you want to use within the platform.

I do have to admit that there are some apps that require vendor-specific commands. But for the most part, I do not have any problems using the “apt install” command line at all.

What I’ve used are Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and even MySQL. These are web development applications that have their own specific purpose. The same can be said for node.js as well which provides a developer access to the program directly from the server side instead of the client side.

Also on the Linux platform, you can use nvm or node version manager which allows you to simply run the framework’s many different versions with ease. All you have to do is choose the version you wish to use and with a simple command, you can do switch between them easily.

2. A Variety of Coding Tools to Choose From

As a developer, the different coding editors are your friend. I personally use either Vim or Sublime Text 3, but there are also some that use Atom.

For the most part, I use Sublime Text 3 simply because it is blazing fast and it is also quite easy to use as well. It provides you with a vast array of options and it also gives you a number of packages that will give you the flexibility and the features that you will need to create your very own website.

Web Development Using Linux

Vim is another great coding editor that I use in conjunction with Sublime Text 3. I mainly use it if I want to try out some applications that are not found in the library of Sublime Text and there are also some keyboard shortcuts that you can use to ease the process of coding by a mile.

Atom has been widely used by the coding community, especially for the senior staff. However, because it is sluggish compared to the previous two options, I rarely, if ever, use it. Still, it does have a number of options that are not available on the alternatives, but its slower nature just puts me off every time.